PO BOX 426, CONDON, OR  97823

PHONE: (541) 384-4189


We are dedicated to keeping Rattray Ranches a place for family, friends and guests to come and enjoy our rural way of life for generations to come.



Wheat Farming...Livestock Operation...Recreation Program...


First homesteaded in 1883, we are the third generation of  families living and working on the ranch to proudly maintain our historical agriculture based enterprises and lifestyle.  We are located 22 miles southwest of Condon in the Buckhorn area of Gilliam County and situated along the waterways of Thirtymile Creek and the John Day River.


We allow limited access for hunting, fishing, swimming, rafting, hiking, and launching that will not interefere with the ranching activities.  Launching rafts and boats at the mouth of Thirtymile is becoming very popular.  The 3-day trip to Cottonwood is an easy trip for families and groups that don't want to fight rapids.


Access fees are determined by the number of people, vehichles and activity.

Reservations and more information: (541) 384-4189/ ritarattray@gmail.com